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Greetings and Welcome
to all who visit Eclectic Knights.

The title of this site is taken from my different interests,
which are very eclectic to say the least.

The information you will find on these web pages is collected from various places and, in many cases, is backed by historical and/or current scientific facts. Some other information comes from respected philologus articles & opinions, as well as my own opinions of various matters.

In life one must: Battle On...

Code of Chivalary

Thou shalt believe all that Church teaches,
and shalt observe all ts directions.

Thou shalt defend the Church.

Thou shalt respect all weaknesses,
and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.

Thou shalt love the country in which thou was born.

Thou shalt not recoil before the enemy.

Thou shalt make war against the Infidel without cessation,
and without mercy.

Thou shalt perform scrupulously the feudal duties,
if they be not contrary to the laws of God.

Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.

Thou shalt be everywhere and always champion of the Right, and the Good against injustice and Evil.

History Repeats Itself

I have been a history reader my whole life... And yes History repeats itself... It does so over and over...

Today in the United States we have a socialist movement using hate to drive their desire for power.. And it is frightning the mainstream media is complicit in this... We only have to go back to the 1920-30's in Germany to see how hate driven group of the population harassed and attacked another... Blaming them for all their problems... Why? Because that group worked hard and was successful.. Using this hate speech and more to take control of the their countries government... In our country today the hate speech coming from the socialist liberal left. Sadly, this is how the Nazis took control of the Germany.. Calling for physical attacks and harrassment of those they do not agree.
I find it odd that they call President Trump a Nazi and they are the ones following the playbook Hitler used to take control of Germany...

The media ignores the fact that previous U.S. Presidents and Democratic congress that passed the immigration laws that caused the separation of children from their parents. Our current President stopped this with an executive order... Why is that not being praised?

The answer is simple: "I did not get my way so I will throw a tantrum!"

Sadly the spoiled brats in America will soon destroy it...
And Camelot will be no more!